Get Connected with Interphone

Get Connected with Interphone

Interphone F2 City Bluetooth® Wireless Motorcycle Entertainment System

Motorcycle and scooter riders can now enjoy entertainment and communication whenever and wherever they ride, thanks to the Interphone F2 City Bluetooth® Wireless Motorcycle Entertainment System.

Priced just £99.00 including VAT, the F2 City is packed with features normally found on systems costing twice as much, and offers quick and easy connection to a mobile phone or satellite navigation system without messy wires.

The Interphone F2 City can be paired with two Bluetooth® enabled devices simultaneously, such as mobile phone and satellite navigation, enabling the rider to make and receive telephone calls hands-free, while getting clear GPS directions, without the need to switch between devices. It can also be connected to a range of portable music players via the stereo plug-in facility – so riders can add their favourite soundtrack to their route.

Featuring a dual stereo headset with DSP noise cancelling technology, which helps to remove wind and background noise, and a wind shielded microphone, clear communication and high quality sound is possible at speeds up to and above 100mph. Automatic volume level adjustment reacts according to speed, while voice controlled call and answer functions and automatic switching between phone and GPS, mean that the rider never needs take his or her hands away from the bars to operate the F2 City.

Waterproof, dustproof and mud resistant, the F2 City has a standby time of 700 hours (a full recharge takes just three hours), helping the rider to stay connected whatever the conditions.

A broad range of accessories, including a12v travel charger, extra headsets for fitment to a spare helmets and spare parts kits, are also available for the F2 City, and can be viewed and ordered via the newly launched Interphone website –

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