ACF-50 Cares for Concorde

ACF 50 13oz Single 118x300 ACF 50 Cares for ConcordeIt’s not only motorcycles that require protection from corrosion caused during wet weather conditions. ACF-50 has been selected by Surrey’s famous Brooklands Museum as corrosion prevention treatment for the airframes on their iconic and supersonic Concorde and record-breaking VC10 airliners.

Both airframes have suffered from an appreciable amount of corrosion; Concorde on account of having been dismantled to get it on to the site and the VC10 because of dissimilar metals used for fastenings, something many motorcyclists will be familiar with. Like many modern motorcycles, particularly ones with fairings, aircraft have a tendency to corrode ‘under the skin’. By treating vulnerable parts with ACF-50 owners no longer need worry about components that are ‘out-of-sight and out-of-mind’.

Prices for ACF-50 start at £14.40 including VAT for a 360g spray can. ACF-50 is distributed to the motorcycle market by Motohaus, telephone 01256 704909,

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