Yamaha BLAZE Motorcycle Pannier Sets

Yamaha BLAZE Motorcycle Pannier Sets

Yamaha BLAZE Motorcycle Pannier Sets

The best features of soft and hard luggage combined; serious carrying capacity, in a stable and secure package, which won't affect performance, handling or styling.

Fit via a unique discrete and lightweight Quick-Lock rail system, which needs no drilling, cutting, or the addition of any extra tubing, brackets of fixings. Simply clamp the Quick Lock Mounts to the footrest hangers, push in the rails, slide on panniers and clip in place.

The rails keep the load stable, secure and away from the wheel, chain and other moving parts and ensure the panniers don't move. They also eliminate the need for unreliable and potentially damaging straps and bungee chords.

When the destination is reached, the rails can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete clamps behind, and the machine completely uncluttered.

Blaze Panniers are made from high quality 1680 Ballistic-Nylon, with stiff construction to help maintain shape.

Available in 28 litre capacity, expanding out to 42 litres (per pair).

Waterproofed inner bags.
Mounting kit

Optional accessories:
Luggage Cable Lock

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