Carry Monster loads with Ventura

D041B Side 01 LR 300x200 Carry Monster loads with Ventura Motorcycle luggage specialists, Ventura, have added a fitting kit for Ducati’s 2014 Monster 1200 to their range. Luggage kits for Ducatis have been the most popular in Ventura’s range for several years, building a loyal following because they are lighter than hard luggage and better suited to the sleek Italian lines than traditional soft panniers.

Praised for its increased comfort and the added flexibility of switchable riding modes, the Monster 1200 has long-distance potential and the light and simple Ventura Bike Pack System adds serious carrying capacity to the big twin. The system consists of three, easy-to-fit elements: L-Brackets, Rack and Pack. Bolt the tailor-made L-brackets to existing mounting points on the bike, slide on the Pack Rack, then clip your chosen Pack in place.

QL clips hold the Pack firmly in place, so there’s no need for unreliable and potentially damaging straps/bungee cords, and both the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets behind. Fitting Ventura adds no extra width to the bike; when riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat to keep the weight closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, for a stable ride. When carrying a passenger, simply flip the bag round, so it sits on the rack.

Visit for details & prices.

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Vertix Bluetooth Helmet Interface

Raptor i with boom mic 2 226x300 Vertix Bluetooth Helmet InterfaceBuilt to filter out wind and engine noise, the Raptor-i Bluetooth Multimedia Helmet Interface from Vertix connects wirelessly to GPS, MP3 player, ‘phone or other riders/passengers to deliver crisp and clear communication, even at high-speed. Automatic Volume Control constantly evaluates surrounding noise to provide optimum output power to the earphones, so the rider can hear and be heard clearly,  even with the visor open on a full-face helmet.

With the Raptor-i fitted riders can make and receive calls, communicate with two other riders in line-of-sight up to a range of 800m, listen to FM radio stations or connect to an MP3 player via Bluetooth. Cut-the-Noise technology means that riders can hear and be heard clearly at speeds up to 130 mph (210 kph) and, because Raptor audio is designed specifically for users wearing ear protection, clear sounds come through.

Buttons on the waterproof helmet-mounted control unit are slightly bigger than a normal handheld device to compensate for reduced sensitivity when wearing gloves. Compact earphones fit easily into most modern helmets.

Battery life allows for 8-10 hours of use, with up to 30 days in standby mode. Operating frequency is 2.40 ~ 2.48GHz and the Raptor-i is compatible with Bluetooth HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP (Version 2.0, Class I).

The Raptor-i control unit weighs 48 grams and measures just 77 × 51 × 24mm. Click here for more information.

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New Dakar Panniers from SW-Motech

Tailored for adventure and touring riders, SW Motech’s new Dakar luggage system combines the light weight and versatility of soft luggage, with the secure mounting and stability of hard panniers.

DAKAR LR 300x199 New Dakar Panniers from SW MotechThe Dakar bags feature a two layer construction, with a tough 1680 Ballistic-Nylon outer and waterproof inner layer, to create a super-durable dry-bag. Each bag offers 32 litres of storage capacity; roll-top and Velcro closure helps keeps contents dry and secure, and allows quick and easy access. A pre-formed ABS honeycomb panel is fitted to the inside, to help the bag keep its shape and offer additional protection for contents.

To fit, simply slide on to the bike-specific pannier rack and click into place, then secure over the passenger seat with the Velcro strap. There are no fiddly cords or lock and key systems, so it’s quick and easy to detach at any point where the machine will be left unattended.

Unlike hard cases the bags are light, easy to handle off the bike and can be flattened for compact storage. A complete SW Motech Dakar system – including two bags, rack and fittings – costs just £302.89 (Including VAT) and fitments are available for many popular adventure bikes. Visit for details.

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New Seat Racks from SW-Motech

seat rack2 300x199 New Seat Racks from SW Motech Seat Racks are a neat and flexible new way to fit a luggage rack, from the motorcycle engineers at SW-Motech in Germany. Designed to replace the pillion seat, the Seat Rack uses the same fitting/locking mechanism, so it simply clicks in place to provide instant carrying capacity.

The CNC machined aluminium alloy rack is tough without adding excess weight. It has laser-cut slots for straps to secure luggage and is powder coated for corrosion resistance. Foam rubber seals are fitted to the underside of the rack, to help stop dirt/water from entering the underseat area while it is fitted. An ingenious way to add extra capacity on adventure and naked bikes, the rack allows loads to be carried closer to the bikes centre of gravity, for better balance when riding trails or over long distances.

The Seat Rack is also a great solution for riders who don’t wish to permanently attach a luggage rack to their machine: when not in use, the rack can be unclipped and replaced with the pillion seat pad. SW Motech Seat Racks suit most machines with removable pillion seat pads and come complete with all fittings and full instructions. Seat Racks are available to fit a variety of makes and models, including the BMW R1200GS (2013-14), Kawasaki Z800 (2013-14) and KTM 1190 Adventure, with more versions in development. Visit for details.

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Ventura Luggage for Suzuki V-Strom 1000

S125B Front copy 300x254 Ventura Luggage for Suzuki V Strom 1000Ventura have developed a Bike-Pack system to fit Suzuki’s new V-Strom 1000 adventure sport bike.

Lighter than hard luggage and more stable than soft luggage, the Ventura Bike-Pack system consists of three easy-to-fit elements: L-Brackets, Pack Rack and Bike Pack. The L-brackets are securely fitted to the bike using existing mounting points. The Pack Rack slides into the brackets and is secured by two locking devices. Then one of Ventura’s specially designed soft luggage packs slides onto the rack, held firmly in place by QL clips

For further details and a full list of fitments and pack options, visit

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BC Waterproof Line updated for 2014

Drybag 250 450LR 300x277 BC Waterproof Line updated for 2014German motorcycle luggage specialist Bags Connection has updated its Waterproof Line with a range of versatile tail packs and kit bags in a fresh anthracite colour scheme. There are six sizes to choose from:

All are constructed from tough, durable and 100% waterproof welded tarpaulin, which has a high tensile strength and is tear, puncture, impact and UV resistant. Roll and clip closure allows quick and easy access to the main compartment, while helping to seal out the elements, with additional zipped pockets/sections for access to smaller items. Ideal for use both on- and off-road, each bag features a universal four-point strapping system, combining stability with the flexibility to choose mounting points. D-rings are also included, for use with additional straps, if needed. Ergonomic carry straps and handles make them comfortable to carry off the bike and reflective detailing improves visibility in low light conditions.

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Stay Grounded with XENA

XGA 0001 LR 300x276 Stay Grounded with XENAXENA has updated its popular XGA Ground Anchor for 2014, so it’s now even easier and quicker to install. The XGA requires just one bolt to fix it in place – no drilling multiple holes or lining up fiddly templates – yet is just as strong as anchors using a multi-bolt fitting. It is so tough that it has been awarded the Gold Standard by SoldSecure*, the highest grade possible.

Fitting could not be simpler. Simply drill the hole, assemble the anchor, push the bolt into the drilled hole and then turn the anchor until the unique torsion controlled bolt holder within the device ‘clicks’, indicating that the unit is correctly installed. No spanners required!

It can be fixed to a wall or floor, inside or outside, and has a ‘fold flat’ design, so it won’t get in the way when not in use. The low profile means it can also be ridden over easily, so it can be installed in narrow passageways or in a garage floor. The XGA’s base rotates freely through 360 degrees, so chains and locks can be passed through the shackle easily, without having to manoeuvre the motorcycle into position. The swivel design also makes it incredibly difficult to get a purchase with a cutter or levering device. Combined with the extra thick shackle, it will resist the most determined of thieves.

Click here to for price information.

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AIRHAWK DS Cushion for Adventure Sport Bikes

Airhawk DS LR 300x200 AIRHAWK DS Cushion for Adventure Sport BikesAIRHAWK® have developed a new version of their pioneering inflatible seat cushion specifically for adventure sport motorcycles. Manufactured from soft yet durable neoprene, the DS cushion has a narrow front that matches the seat profile of most adventure sport bikes and is tapered-down to minimise pressure on the scrotum. It is supplied with a heavy duty hold-down strap system to ensure a secure fit to the bike.  AIRHAWK seats distribute pressure evenly across individual cells, while absorbing vibration from the engine. They also prevent heat build-up more effectively than gel seats. The air pressure inside can be increased/decreased to suit the rider and conditions using the valves on either side of the cushion.

Ewan McGregor used an AIRHAWK seat for his 19,000-mile Long Way Round trip on a BMW R1150GS Adventure motorcycle.

The AIRHAWK DS is covered by a 2-year warranty. Click here for prices

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MCN review Keis jacket and gloves

MCN Keis 251x300 MCN review Keis jacket and gloves“Keis heated jacket and gloves harness heat from the bike to keep you toasty even when it’s freezing” writes Andy Davidson in Motor Cycle News. Andy tested the Keis X25 heated jacket and X800 heated gloves on his 550-mile weekly commute and a 1000-mile trip to Bavaria for the Elefant Rally in -4 degree temperatures.

“The jacket and gloves offer a warm, toasty, cuddly feeling”. He rates the gloves particularly highly; “The gloves keep the vulnerable backs of my hands hot and toast the fingertips. Every glove I’ve ever used has eventually let the cold in, apart from these.”

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Ventura Bike Pack for Yamaha MT-09

Ventura MT 09 Front 300x260 Ventura Bike Pack for Yamaha MT 09Discrete, lightweight and with fuss-free fitting, the Ventura Bike Pack System is ideal for street-styled bikes like Yamaha’s MT-09. Minimalist machines offer little concession to carrying luggage; often with compact seats, and no secure strapping points. The stripped-down look also doesn’t lend itself to bulky, hard luggage.

The Ventura system consists of three easy-to-fit elements: L-Brackets, Rack and Pack. Bolt the L-brackets to the bike’s existing mounting points, slide the Pack Rack on, then clip your chosen Pack in place. Job done. It adds no extra width to the bike, is much lighter than hard cases and has far less of an impact on handling and performance.

When riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat keeping the weight closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, for a stable ride. When carrying a passenger simply flip the bag round, so it sits on the rack. There’s no need for unreliable and potentially paintwork damaging straps/bungee chords, as the QL clips hold the Pack firmly in place, and the system is quick and easy to detach; both the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets – and the bike’s lean look – behind.

Visit for a full fitment list, prices and to view the rack and pack options.

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