New OptiMate3 Global Charger

Optimate3Global 300x280 New OptiMate3 Global ChargerOptiMate have produced 2 million intelligent battery chargers since 1995 and the OptiMate 3 Global is the latest iteration, with many new features:

    • Precise microprocessor controlled diagnostics and maintenance programme
    • Lighter and smaller than previous model
    • More powerful output
    • Global input for worldwide compatibility

    The new OptiMate3 Global diagnoses, recovers, charges, tests and optimally maintains all types of 12V lead-acid batteries rated from 3 to 50 Ah.

      Fully sealed in an IP54 rated weatherproof case, it is 50% lighter than the previous model (0.4kg compared to 0.8kg), 33% more powerful (output up from 0.6A to 0.8A ) and can recover severely neglected batteries from as low as 2 Volts, thanks to cutting-edge electronics.

      The Optimate3 Global’s microprocessor automatically performs hourly tests, maintaining the battery with an interactive float charge, (800mA maximum), providing advance warning of any problems. It also diagnoses sulphation (when crystals form around the lead plates inside the battery, reducing performance), and automatically applies pulses of electric current to break them down and recover the battery.

      Safety features include spark suppression, automatic shut-down if short-circuited/battery disconnected and zero risk of overcharging.

      The OptiMate3 Global has a wide range input (100-240V, 50-60Hz) that works with mains electricity around the world and also absorbs current irregularities better.

      Click here for more information.

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      KEiS Remote Heat Controller

      • Wireless control from bike or garment
      • Easy one-button operation
      • Three heat settings with LED confirmation
      • Weather resistant
      • Current overload protection

      KEiS Remote Bike LR 300x263 KEiS Remote Heat ControllerThe new Remote Heat Controller from KEiS gives riders complete control of their heated clothing.

      The system consists of two parts: a receiver, which is attached to the heated garment, and a transmitter, which can be mounted on the handlebars or suitable flat surface (e.g. fairing panel). They communicate wirelessly, so there’s no routing of cables or fiddly fixings.

      Both the transmitter and receiver can be used to control the temperature of the chosen garment. Each one features simple, one-button operation and LED confirmation, so the rider can set their comfort level quickly and easily, while staying focussed on the road ahead. Offering three heat levels, riders can adjust the setting to suit the conditions.

      The Remote Heat Controller is suitable for use with all KEiS garments (except those with an existing integral controller). It is weather resistant and comes with built-in current overload protection.

      Click here for more information.

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      Team SW MOTECH M 300x200 SW MOTECH and BAGS CONNECTION unitedAfter a long history of joint development and production of high quality motorcycle accessories, SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION are united under one brand.

      SW-MOTECH now serves as the corporate roof for the formerly two companies, that have shared common headquarters in Rauschenberg, Germany, since the year 2006. As a result the brand now encompasses the complete range of product lines as well as a broad experience in engineering and manufacturing of textile and metal solutions.

      At the same time the merger helps to support the company’s growth strategy. “For years now we see an increasing demand for premium motorcycle accessories”, says Jürgen Swora, the company’s head of manufacturing and engineering. After investment in new production facilities and an increase in headcount to more than 180 employees, he expects a continued growth in revenue figures. “Having both companies under one roof carries advantages for customer relations as well as company operations“, states head of sales Kai Jockel.

      See the range from SW-MOTECH here.

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      Updated KEiS X900 Heated Gloves

      • Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology
      • Optional integral battery packs
      • Integral heat controller
      • Waterproof leather/textile construction

      Keis x900 heated motorcycle gloves 300x300 Updated KEiS X900 Heated GlovesUpdated for the 2014/15 winter season, X900 Dual Control Heated Outer Gloves from KEiS now include the option to power their heated panels from rechargeable battery packs, which tuck away neatly into pockets in each cuff. This means that heat is on tap wherever you are, whenever you need it – riding, skiing or fishing.

      The Dual-Power X900 gloves can also be powered direct from the bike’s battery.

      Like the full range of KEiS heated clothing, X900 gloves feature Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology, which provides reliable and even heat, whilst still allowing easy movement and feel; crucial for delicate operation of the controls during winter riding conditions. The heat is controlled by a button on the back of each glove, so the rider can tailor the temperature whilst on the move.

      A waterproof, breathable textile shell and genuine leather palm reinforcement tops off the specification.

      The X900s come with a fused supply lead for connection direct to a 12-volt vehicle battery. A ‘cigarette lighter’ adaptor is also available for vehicles fitted with a power socket, and current draw is just 1.0 amps, so they won’t put undue stress on the bike’s battery and charging system.

      KEiS X900 Dual Control Heated Outer Gloves are available in unisex sizes XS-XXL and come complete with all required wiring and instructions. For prices, further info and details of the complete KEiS range, visit

      Notes: KEiS has enjoyed an average annual growth of 30% since 2011 and is now the UK’s best-selling brand of heated clothing .

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      RiDE review Vertix Raptor-i

      VERTIX RiDE DEC14 665x1024 RiDE review Vertix Raptor i

      “It’s very, very easy to use. With minimal effort or swearing, I’ve made it work with my phone and a GPS, and I’ve used the built-in radio successfully.” Vertix Raptor-i tested by Ride magazine

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      Extend your riding season with KEiS clothing

      KEIS, the UK’s leading heated clothing specialists, have four new additions to their winter 2014/15 collection.

      X30 + Controller LR 199x300 Extend your riding season with KEiS clothingDesigned specifically for motorcyclists, KEiS use the latest Micro Alloy Fibre technology to provide reliable, uniform heating. The advanced heating elements offer much more consistent temperature than traditional wired systems. Incorporated into key areas, they help regulate body temperature, keeping the wearer comfortable and free to focus on the road. They’re also easy to care for; simply remove controllers and accessory leads and hand wash to refresh.

      Lightweight, breathable and flexible, KEiS jackets, bodywarmers and trousers can be worn comfortably under riding kit, keeping the wearer warm without the need for multiple layers. They can be linked together and controlled individually, for a complete body heating system.

      All KEiS garments come complete with a fused supply lead, so they can be connected to a 12v vehicle battery. In addition, KEiS ‘Dual Power’ products can also be powered using rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Packs.

      New for winter 2014/15 range:

      The Remote Control allows the user to adjust the temperature wirelessly. It has three heat settings, comes complete with a handlebar or panel-mounted transmitter and is suitable for all existing and previous KEIS garments, except those with an integral controller.

      • Three heat settings with LED confirmation
      • Weather resistant
      • Current overload protection

      Also new are the X2i Heated Under Trousers. An update on the existing X2 model, but with an integral controller so the wearer can control the heat independent of any other garments.

      • Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology for comfort and reliability
      • Breathable lightweight soft shell fabric front with lightweight rear panels and elasticated waist provide a perfect fit
      • Integrated Controller
      • Strategically positioned heat panels provide maximum effect

      There are two new additions to the Dual Power Range, which can be powered either from the motorcycle’s battery or a portable rechargeable Li-ion power pack. The X800i Dual Power Outer Glove replaces the popular X800 design; in addition to dual power it also boasts reinforced knuckles.

      • Rugged leather palm with breathable textile upper
      • Breathable waterproof lining to keep hands dry
      • Integral, three heat level controller for ultimate control

      The new X30 Ladies Bodywarmer is specially designed to provide a more flattering fit than the unisex X10 and benefits from a high collar, for increased coverage.

      • Breathable lightweight soft shell fabric
      • Tailored for the active woman
      • Dedicated zipped pockets for cables and controller to keep things tidy and easy to find. (Controller not included.)
      • Strategically positioned heat panels for maximum effect.
      • Power distribution system to supply additional garments and keep cabling to a minimum.
      • Flexible 12v Dual-Power for use anywhere anytime.

      For full specifications and sizes of the new additions, and to view the complete KEIS range, visit:

      Editor’s notes: KEIS has enjoyed an average annual growth of 30% since 2011 and is now the UK’s best-selling brand of heated clothing . Made with fine yet incredibly rugged micro alloy fibre elements, the range of heated jackets, vests, trousers and gloves are reliable and washable, a useful combination for motorcyclists. Constant development in response to customer feedback has also helped KEIS to build a loyal following.

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      Three new luggage kits from Ventura

      H141B 300x239 Three new luggage kits from VenturaKiwi luggage specialists Ventura have announced fitting kits for Honda’s new CB650F and updated VFR800F, as well as the Ducati Hyperstrada 820.

      Ventura’s pack rack system has traditionally appealed to riders of sports bikes, because it combines the lightness of soft luggage with the stability of hard luggage, without increasing the width of the bike or affecting handling.

      The system consists of three, easy-to-fit elements: L-Brackets, Rack and Pack. Bolt the tailor-made L-brackets to existing mounting points on the bike, slide on the Pack Rack, then clip your chosen Pack in place. When riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat to keep the weight closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, for a stable ride. When carrying a passenger, simply flip the bag round, so it sits on the rack.

      Both the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets behind. An added bonus is that there’s no need for unreliable bungee cords that can snap, loosen or scratch/scuff bodywork.

      Visit for a full fitment list and to view the pack options.

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      Carry Monster loads with Ventura

      D041B Side 01 LR 300x200 Carry Monster loads with Ventura Motorcycle luggage specialists, Ventura, have added a fitting kit for Ducati’s 2014 Monster 1200 to their range. Luggage kits for Ducatis have been the most popular in Ventura’s range for several years, building a loyal following because they are lighter than hard luggage and better suited to the sleek Italian lines than traditional soft panniers.

      Praised for its increased comfort and the added flexibility of switchable riding modes, the Monster 1200 has long-distance potential and the light and simple Ventura Bike Pack System adds serious carrying capacity to the big twin. The system consists of three, easy-to-fit elements: L-Brackets, Rack and Pack. Bolt the tailor-made L-brackets to existing mounting points on the bike, slide on the Pack Rack, then clip your chosen Pack in place.

      QL clips hold the Pack firmly in place, so there’s no need for unreliable and potentially damaging straps/bungee cords, and both the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets behind. Fitting Ventura adds no extra width to the bike; when riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat to keep the weight closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, for a stable ride. When carrying a passenger, simply flip the bag round, so it sits on the rack.

      Visit for details & prices.

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      Vertix Bluetooth Helmet Interface

      Raptor i with boom mic 2 226x300 Vertix Bluetooth Helmet InterfaceBuilt to filter out wind and engine noise, the Raptor-i Bluetooth Multimedia Helmet Interface from Vertix connects wirelessly to GPS, MP3 player, ‘phone or other riders/passengers to deliver crisp and clear communication, even at high-speed. Automatic Volume Control constantly evaluates surrounding noise to provide optimum output power to the earphones, so the rider can hear and be heard clearly,  even with the visor open on a full-face helmet.

      With the Raptor-i fitted riders can make and receive calls, communicate with two other riders in line-of-sight up to a range of 800m, listen to FM radio stations or connect to an MP3 player via Bluetooth. Cut-the-Noise technology means that riders can hear and be heard clearly at speeds up to 130 mph (210 kph) and, because Raptor audio is designed specifically for users wearing ear protection, clear sounds come through.

      Buttons on the waterproof helmet-mounted control unit are slightly bigger than a normal handheld device to compensate for reduced sensitivity when wearing gloves. Compact earphones fit easily into most modern helmets.

      Battery life allows for 8-10 hours of use, with up to 30 days in standby mode. Operating frequency is 2.40 ~ 2.48GHz and the Raptor-i is compatible with Bluetooth HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP (Version 2.0, Class I).

      The Raptor-i control unit weighs 48 grams and measures just 77 × 51 × 24mm. Click here for more information.

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      New Dakar Panniers from SW-Motech

      Tailored for adventure and touring riders, SW Motech’s new Dakar luggage system combines the light weight and versatility of soft luggage, with the secure mounting and stability of hard panniers.

      DAKAR LR 300x199 New Dakar Panniers from SW MotechThe Dakar bags feature a two layer construction, with a tough 1680 Ballistic-Nylon outer and waterproof inner layer, to create a super-durable dry-bag. Each bag offers 32 litres of storage capacity; roll-top and Velcro closure helps keeps contents dry and secure, and allows quick and easy access. A pre-formed ABS honeycomb panel is fitted to the inside, to help the bag keep its shape and offer additional protection for contents.

      To fit, simply slide on to the bike-specific pannier rack and click into place, then secure over the passenger seat with the Velcro strap. There are no fiddly cords or lock and key systems, so it’s quick and easy to detach at any point where the machine will be left unattended.

      Unlike hard cases the bags are light, easy to handle off the bike and can be flattened for compact storage. A complete SW Motech Dakar system – including two bags, rack and fittings – costs just £302.89 (Including VAT) and fitments are available for many popular adventure bikes. Visit for details.

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