SDoc100 Chain Care

SDoc100 are the leaders in chain care in Germany. Their motorcycle chain cleaning and lubing range help provide a safe and enhanced ride.

SDoc100's Motorcycle Chain Lube (Chain Spray) comes in a Dry Lube or White Chain Spray varient. Their specially formulated chain lube system helps to prolong chain life and increase performance. 

They provide a motorbike chain cleaner designed to remove spent chain grease effortlessly to provide smoother running and prolonged chain life.
The SDoc100 Chain Cleaner also easily removes chain grease from rims and swing arms!

  • Chain Cleaner
  • White Chain Spray
  • Dry Lube
  • Clean BOB - to help avoid chain spray from messing your rim or swingarm
S100 New white chain spray, tested to deliver 4x better wear protection 
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  1. Classic Cleaner Kit

    Classic Cleaner Kit

    The new Bargain Bucket from Sdoc100, for the all-purpose cleaner. 


    SDOC100 Motorcycle Gel Total Cleaner 

    SDOC100 Gloss Wax Spray 

    SDOC100 Colour Refresher 

    SDOC100 Corrosion Protectant 

    SDOC100 Visor Wipe 

    Micro Fibre Cloth 

    Heavy Duty Sponge 

  2. S100 White Chain Spray

    S100 White Chain Spray


    Germanys No.1 chain lubricant spray. 

    Proven 4 x better at protecting your chain against wear.

  3. SDOC100 Chain Cleaner Power Gel

    SDOC100 Chain Cleaner Power Gel


    Germanys N0.1 Motorcycle Chain Cleaner (Power Gel)

  4. SDOC100 Clean BOB

    SDOC100 Clean BOB

    SDOC100 Spray Product Splash Guard. 

  5. SDOC100 Dry Lube Spray

    SDOC100 Dry Lube Spray


    Germanys N01. Dry Chain Lube 

  6. SDOC100 White Chain Spray

    SDOC100 White Chain Spray


    Germanys NO.1 Chain Cleaner Spray.

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6 Items

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