SW-MotechTouring Tech for Trident 660

Triumph Trident 660 owners can unlock the triple’s touring and commuting potential, thanks to a complete range of luggage, ergonomic and protection accessories from SW-Motech. 


A host of pannier options are also available for the Trident: Pro Blaze H Panniers (£308.95) use a clever Quick-Lock rail, which hold the panniers in place whilst riding and can be removed in seconds.

Trident Blaze saddlebags

Alternatively, riders can opt for the SLC Side Carriers (£171.92) which can accommodate the retro, waxed canvas Legend Gear LC1 (£128.95) and LC2 (£141.95) bags, the ultra-modern modern Urban ABS cases (£120.95), and the new SysBag WP bags that retail from £77.95.

Trident luggage kits


Protection from drops and falls is also taken care of by the robust, powder-coated steel Engine Crash Bar (£145.96). A more discreet option are Frame Crash Pads (£125.28), which bolt to the Trident at load-bearing attachment points. They're made from solid, CNC-milled aluminium alloy and Nylon and protect the upper part of the Trident’s engine. 

Trident crash bars and engine guard

Front and rear Axle Sliders (£51.95 front, £55.96 rear) are also available. Both sets are made from abrasion-resistant polyamide with a robust fibreglass-reinforced plastic core. 

The Engine Guard (£138.24) helps protect the vulnerable downpipes, sump and underbody. It’s made from robust, powder-coated aluminium. . 


The Black Windscreen (£120.95) helps deflect tiring wind blast for a more comfortable ride. It’s made from high quality, powder coated aluminium and is quick and easy to mount. 

SW-Motech Trident windscreen

Lever Guards with Hand Deflectors (£137.95) and Mirror Extenders (£42.95), which set the Trident’s mirrors 4cm higher and 4cm further out, can also be fitted to the Trident.

Visit www.sw-motech.co.uk for details and to find your nearest retailer.

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