Ventura Evo Luggage for Kawasaki Z650 RS
Kawasaki Z650 RS owners can carry kit without ruining the retro roadster’s classic lines, with the Ventura Evo Luggage System.

Ideal for the Z650 RS, as it's based around a traditional style rack that won’t look out of place on a retro bike, the Evo System combines the best elements of hard and soft luggage for versatile carrying capability.

To get set up, just attach the tailor-made L-Brackets to existing mounting points on the subframe, slot on the Evo Rack and you have a stable and secure platform for your Pack.

Loading and unloading is quick and easy too: the sleeve-fitting system means Ventura Packs simply slide on and clip in place - no fiddly, unreliable straps and cords like traditional soft bags. It also means they won't move around while riding.

Packs are aerodynamically-shaped for minimal impact on airflow, and come in sizes ranging from 12 to 60 litres. They’re made from water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric, with wide openings, glove-friendly zip pulls and other practical features.

When luggage isn’t needed it takes seconds to remove the Pack and Rack, leaving only the L-Brackets in place and the bike uncluttered. There’s an optional Grab Handle (£23) that can be fitted too.

A typical system for the Z650 RS - including L-Brackets and Evo Rack and the 22-litre Evo-22 Jet-Stream Pack is just £368.32 Including VAT - a fraction of the cost of hard luggage.

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