Ventura Evo Luggage for R7
Ventura was the go-to luggage brand for sportsbike owners in the 1990s, and though it’s evolved significantly since then, the core features of low weight and stability make it just as suited to the new generation.

Hassle free to fit and live with, the Evo System does away with the heavy, unsightly racking of hard luggage, and the fiddly, unreliable straps and cords of traditional soft bags - neither of which work with the Yamaha’s minimalist tail section.

To get set up just attach the discreet, tailor-made L-Brackets to existing mounting points on the R7’s subframe, slot on the Evo Rack and it’s done; you now have a stable and secure platform for your Pack.

It couldn’t be easier to load up either: Evo Packs use a sleeve-fitting system, so they just slide on and clip in place and won't move, even during hard riding. Packs are made from water-resistant and durable laminated ballistic fabric, with wide openings for quick and easy access. They’re also aerodynamically-shaped to have minimal impact on airflow.

When luggage isn’t needed the Rack can be removed in seconds leaving only the L-Brackets in place and the bike completely uncluttered. There’s an optional Grab Handle that can be fitted too.

Packs come in a variety of sizes - from 12 to 60 litres. The 22-litre Evo-22 Jet-Stream (£130.00 inc VAT) is ideal for the YZF, with enough space for a night or two away, still ultra compact and easy to handle. L-Brackets and Evo Rack for the R7 sell for £253.00 inc VAT.

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