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Bruhl Dryer

Brühl MD2800PRO Dual Turbine Dryer

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The twin turbine MD2800PRO Brühl Dryer packs double the air blast of the MD1400, and the combined power of both turbines working side by side means the air jetting out of the dryer’s hose is naturally heated. This powerful dryer is ideal for a larger motorcycle, car, caravan or trailer.

Using the Brühl MD2800PRO after every wash will help to eliminate water spotting and corrosion, prolonging the life of your vehicle or bicycle.

All Brühl Dryers have been specifically designed with motorists, cyclists and motorbikers in mind, combining the very latest technology to offer a safe, effective product that really works. 

Each Brühl Dryer filters its air intake, providing a debris-free, safe blast of clean powerful air over and around the vehicle’s body panels, fairings and into hard to reach areas like the engine, electrical power looms and control switches.

 Brühl Dryer Product Specifications:

• Model: MD2800PRO
• Twin Turbine
• Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ 
• Protective RCD - for external use
• Rugged industrial design
• Extra-long Hi-Vis power lead
• Turbine Power with operating a single turbine: 1600W 
• Turbine Power with operating both turbine: 3200W 
• Airflow: 59200 ft/min
• Hose Length When Extended: 3.5 Metres
• Hose Length When Retracted: 1.5 Metres   

Comes with:

• MD2800PRO Brühl Dryer
• 3 nozzles
• User instructions